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The Flower Care Plant Sensor from Xiaomi

Flower Care Plant Sensor from Xiaomi

11 March 2023


1. Introduction

The Flower Care Plant Sensor from Xiaomi provides an easy way to monitor your plants with its mobile app, but also in your smart home via Home Assistant (see our article ‘Integrating the Xiaomi Flower Care plant sensor with Home Assistant‘) or an Athom Homey. The plant sensor is installed in the ground next to the plant and measures the following parameters:

  • Sunlight intensity
    Monitor if your plant gets enough or too much sunlight
  • Air temperature
    Is the temperature for your plant right?
  • Soil moisture
    Monitor when your plant needs to have water or got too much
  • Soil fertility (via electrical conductivity)
    Indication if your plant requires some fertilizer.
  • Battery status
    Note that the sensor does not send battery info with firmware v3.2.1 and later (ref Home Assistant Passive BLE monitor custom component).

The Flower Care Plant Sensor from Xiaomi is relatively cheap and easy to monitor your plants and is also known under the following names:

  • Xiaomi Mi Flower Care Plant Sensor
  • Xiaomi plant sensor
  • Flower Care plant sensor from HHCC
  • HHCCJCY01 (type number)
  • MiFlora sensor
  • Flower Care plant sensor

In this article we use as name Xiaomi plant sensor or just plant sensor.

2. Specifications

The version of the Flower Care Plant Sensor from Xiaomi described in this article has type number HHCCJCY01 (there seems to be a newer or different version available HHCCJCY10 with a pink colour, unclear what difference is. See US FCCID database).

Manufacturer Xiaomi
Model Flower Monitor HHCCJCY01
Dimensions (HxWxD) 120.5 mm x 24.5 mm x 12.5 mm
Battery CR2032 button cell
Operating voltage 3V
Wireless connection Bluetooth 4.1 BLE
Color White

3. Package content

The package contains:

  • Sensor
  • CR2032 battery (inside the sensor)
  • Manual in English and Dutch (for The Netherlands at least)

As the manuals could not be found on the web we scanned them in:

2. Communication protocol

The Flower Care Plant Sensor from Xiaomi communicates via Bluetooth 4.1 BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy). It sends data about once a minute (but Home Assistant by default polls the device every 5 minutes). The distance from the plant sensor to the receiving device (your mobile or for example Home Assistant) should be not more than approximately 10 meters in your home (bluetooth 4.1 has a reach of about 60 meters, so depending on the thickness of walls etc it can be more than 10 meters in house).

3. Hardware

The Xiaomi Mi Flower Care is IP5 waterproof so you can continue to water your plant. With the included button cell battery (3 Volt CR2032) the sensor has an expected working period of one year. The soil moisture and conductivity are measured via the 4 metal dots at the end of the forks (which of course needs to be in the ground). The temperature and light intensity are measured at the top of the sensor.

4. Software

Via smartphone and the Cloud you can keep an eye on your plants everyday via the Flower Care Plant Sensor from Xiaomi. The app is available on iOS and Android. The sensor can also be used with the third party app WatchFlower or integrated with Smart Home systems such as Homey. In Homey, you can also have the Flower Sensor send push notifications when a certain threshold value is reached. So you can always water your plants just in time! Database with 6,000+ plants.

5. Useful links

Some useful links related to the Flower Care Plant Sensor from Xiaomi:

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