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How to add a execution delay for a Homey Flow action card?

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13 February 2022


When you want to add a execution delay to a Homey Flow action card, you probably have looked around in the available cards to look for a card providing this functionality. It seems a delay function does not exist, but this is not true.

To delay a Homey Flow action card you need to open the action card popup menu. Hoover over the action card for which you want to delay (pauze) it’s execution and click on the … shown.

Select “Delay…” from the popup menu shown.

By default the delay is set to 1 second.

By clicking on “1 sec” you can modify the delay.

Removing the delay can be done by re-opening the popup menu of the action card.


Article by <a href="https://smarthome.familykruse.eu/author/iamjwk/" target="_self">Jan-Willem</a>

Article by Jan-Willem


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