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Homey Pro error “rate_limited” when sending push notifications

Homey front

8 January 2022


1. Occurrence of the rate_limited error

It might occur that the error message “rate_limited” is shown when sending push notifications. The error message is only briefly shown when manual triggering a flow which sends push notifications. I discovered it when I was investigation why I did not receive push notifications anymore on my mobile and manually initiated a push notification workflow and saw this error popup.

I could not find a reason/setting for it apart from the fact I was sending a lot of push notifications when testing flows. So I requested the Homey support team for help via email.

2. Cause of the error message

The response received gave more background info about the rate limited error message:

  • If the rate limit error message is shown it means that too much push notifications have been sent.
  • Exact push notification limits could not be provided by the support team person as he did not know.
  • Athom will not adjust the rate limits as this has been built into Homey to guarantee it’s stability.
  • Normally the number of push notifications sent will be reset after 24 hours.
  • Restarting Homey will also reset the number of push notifications sent and hence remove the error message.

3. How to prevent the error?

My observation is that it is not a rate_limit for the total number of push notifications, but a limit per receiving user. This as I got the error when sending push notifications to myself, but could at the same time send them to other family members.

4. More info

The Homey user community does not have much information, only the following:


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Article by Jan-Willem


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