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6 March 2021


Smarthome.familykruse.eu is about projects to transform a home and garden into a smart home and smart garden by interfacing sensors, switches, Arduino based devices and other equipment with a Homeseer or Homey controller. Based on data collected decisions are made to switch on lights for example or inform us our fish pond has not enough water etc.

Around 2010 I started playing around with domotics with the goal to create our smart home & garden. Domotics at that time was slowly getting more attention as required software and devices became more common and affordable. In the these it were more early adopters like me with interest in technique and knowledge of writing software. I started with automatic switching on/off devices, turning lights on/off based on a light sensor and monitoring temperatures. Nowadays more user friendly systems are available and you can almost switch and monitor anything. Still software is not 100% user friendly as some puzzling and reading user forums is required if you want to do more than switching lights.

Systems as Philips Hue are very user friendly and more and more used. Pitty is that there is no standard communication method between all the devices. Luckily domotics software/systems like Homeseer and Homey provide capabilities to link all these devices such that you can use sensor readings to steer for example switches. If sensors are not there you can build your own with for example Arduino; small microcomputers which can be used to interface sensors, switches etc and make them available to a Homeseer or Homey Pro controller.

This site will describe our finished domotics projects and projects we are working on to help others on their journey towards a smart home and garden.

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